Why Bitcoin rewards are better than loyalty points

You’ve heard about Bitcoin before but you’re still unsure about whether you should buy some for yourself? Here’s why you totally want to jump on the new Bitcoin cashback craze.

#1– Higher Potential – No risk (as long as you’re getting them for free)

The price of Bitcoin moves quite a bit. Up and down. And then up again. This makes it a volatile asset for investment purposes, especially in the short-term. But when you are getting some for free, it feels like receiving a lottery ticket whose value can appreciate at any time. You’re getting all of the upside, but none of the downside because remember – you didn’t pay for it.

Think about it. You have the choice between getting that T-shirt online (at full price, with no reward) or getting that same T-shirt online (at the same price, except now you’re also getting 10$ worth of Bitcoin for free). Easy choice, right? Who knows, maybe your $10 in Bitcoin will be worth $15 in one week. Enjoy the ride!

#2 – Easier to use

We’ll brag a little bit here, but we’re taking a lot of pride in making Bitcoin easier to use than points.

Forget about all the tech lingo! In the same way you don’t need to understand the mechanics of a car to drive it, you don’t need to understand how Bitcoin works under the hood to own some.

Simply tap on a brand on Coinmiles’ website, shop as usual and boom, you just got Bitcoin for free. And if you want to cash them out, we will send money straight to your bank account (only available for Canadian accounts for now, sorry eh!).

#3– Global monetary value

Because Bitcoin has a market value, you can always exchange them against your local currency. You can also transfer them to your friends & family, wherever they are on earth, whether they have a bank account or not. And there is a growing number of merchants who accept payment in Bitcoin as well.

#4– Transparency

We’ve all been there before! “Sorry, your points are no longer accepted here.” Or another classic case: “We’re improving our reward calculation system for your points” (a.k.a. your points are being devalued by 50%). Frustrating? You bet!

This can’t happen with Bitcoin because it belongs to everyone and no one. Just like a stock, Bitcoin has a price that is determined by the market, not by us. You can always monitor the value of your Bitcoin in Coinmiles by checking out your wallet.

#5– More use in the future

Bitcoin is becoming an asset class of its own. It’s increasingly being traded on world exchanges. The world is changing fast these days and we believe that in 30 years, you’ll be much more thankful for accumulating Bitcoin than some loyalty points. Why not start making it a good habit now?