How to get Bitcoin cashback when you pay with your credit card

We made it ridiculously simple for you to earn Bitcoin cashback in your everyday life. Find out how it works.

Leaving money on the table? That's so 2019! Nowadays, what you don't want is leaving Bitcoin on the table. Good news, Coinmiles makes sure it doesn't happen anymore by giving you instant cashback in Bitcoin when you use your VISA or MasterCard to pay at our partners' locations.

So, how does it work? It's really easy: download the app and link your credit card(s). That's it. Each time you use your linked card(s) to pay in-store (as you already do), you'll receive Bitcoin cashback in the app. See for yourself:

Sweet - Just got Bitcoin for my burger!

"But wait! How does Coinmiles make money in all of this?"

Each time we bring a customer to one of our partners' locations, they pay us a referral commission. Because of our partnership with VISA & MasterCard, our system is alerted of the amount of your purchase - often in real-time. Rest assured, we do not get notified for all of your purchases - simply those were made at our partners' locations using your linked credit card. We then take a portion of that commission and buy Bitcoin with it for you.

Coffee, Restaurants, Activities, Spas. There is something for everyone.

You can earn cashback on your everyday and not-so-everyday purchases, and yes - you can literally get Bitcoin to go surfing, go out for a drink, or even for trying out an escape room experience. The best part: you don't need to buy anything in advance: the coupon-era is finally over.

Sweet, I got Bitcoin for my burger! Now, what?

Safely keep your Bitcoin in the app or transfer them out. If you keep them, you'll see the balance of your wallet go up and down according to Bitcoin's market price - enjoy the ride, you got it for free! If choose to cash out with Interac, we will convert your Bitcoin at the current market price and send the cold hard cash to your bank account. And of course, if you want to transfer your Bitcoin to another Bitcoin wallet of your choosing (there are hundreds of them), you're free to do so.

In Short

Getting rewarded has never been easier. Instead of giving back points, we thought it was much more exciting to watch your wallet go up with the value of Bitcoin. We made it simple enough for your grandma to use it, so no excuses. Start earning now, or leave Bitcoin on the table and forever regret it ! (we're just being a little dramatic, don't mind us. But still, you should try it out).

Download the app now! It's available on the App Store and Google Play (in Canada only).

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at