Make the most of your lockdown by getting free Bitcoin with these brands

Yes we know, you’ve probably been overloaded with Instagram feeds and Tik-Tok videos containing the latest quarantine challenges, fads, and hacks. While there is no shortage of content online to keep our minds stimulated for hours, there are some brands out there that have perfect products to help add some excitement to your quarantine.

Whether you’ve been simply too busy to follow through with your online shopping or have tried to restrict where you spend your money (props to you if you have been able to cut back your spending), we understand that things are a little different these days.

That being said, the e-commerce industry is booming (look no further than Shopify’s ascent to the top in Canada) and brands are offering promos and releasing new items, especially as the warm weather has started rolling in. Here are the top 5 brands you should purchase from during this quarantine. Oh, and we almost forgot, the bonus - you’ll receive free cashback in Bitcoin.

1. Lululemon

You’ve been following your favorite yoga teachers and mastering the moves so now it’s time to treat yourself and look the part. Regardless of whether you intend to practice yoga or not, it’s tough to beat the comfort of a nice pair of Lulus. Yes, they are great for those yoga sessions but are also key to lounge in while watching Netflix, throw on for an invigorating run, or to rock as you sip your cocktail outside with your socially distanced friends.

2. Microsoft

Whether it’s to WFH, have Zoom calls with family & friends, or to get lost in hours of online gaming, there’s no shortage of uses for a new laptop. Preparing to be more on the move for when the lockdowns are lifted? No problem, there are plenty of tablets to choose from. Even if you are looking for smaller purchases or apps, there’s plenty to explore.

3. Lego

Of course kids love Lego so they are likely top of mind when it comes to making a purchase from this brand. Why not treat them to a little gift? After all, I’m sure they have been angels during this quarantine period :). Let’s not forget how much fun building Legos actually is and so while you’re browsing, why not add another set geared towards adults?

4. HelloFresh

Yes, you may have some more time on your hands and your social channels are full of delicious focaccia recipes, but it’s hard to pass up the tasty and easy meals that HelloFresh offers. Choose your portion size and your plan (yes, they have veggie plans), and check out. Once you receive your box (made from post-consumer recycled fibers and are 100% recyclable), you’re usually only 30 minutes away from a wonderful dinner.

5. Decathlon

With the sun starting to shine, the increased outdoor activity is very visible. Streets and bike paths are lined with people running, on bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, you name it. While governments have kept limits in place on team sports, there are plenty of individual sports that are now “acceptable”. With Decathlon, you can start your one-stop-shopping for every piece of sporting gear that you need to get back into the fun!


A full list of other can’t-miss brands can be found on the Coinmiles website.

Unsure about what Bitcoin is all about? You’re missing out! Trust us, it’s easier and more rewarding that loyalty points.

Happy shopping and “Bitcoin-earning”!