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Coinmiles helps you create, launch, operate and track your own card-linked offers in Canada.

Millenials don't spend the same way anymore

They spend 5 hours daily on their phone.
They are bombarded by thousands of ads, social reviews and promotions. Every. Single. Day.

What makes your brand stand out in all of this noise? How do you make sure your brand is on their radar for their next purchase? What differentiate you from your competitor fighting for the same spot?


A new, exciting way to drive more revenue

Card-linked offers is a new method to rewards your users in real-time when they use their credit cards to pay you.

It works like magic. As soon as they pay you, they see their rewards increase in the app - often in real-time. It brings you new customers, increase the average purchase and drive additional loyalty.

What an amazing way to connect with Millenials.


Catch their eyes with our free promotional material.

Putting your business on the map

Creating a Coinmiles campaign means that your business is automatically promoted on our app and our marketing channels for free.

Any traditional social media campaign will cost you thousands of dollars and yield uncertain results.

Why take that chance when you can join the most innovative reward platform instead? Risk-free.


Entirely automated.
Kick back and relax.

We have good news: absolutely no hardware is required to launch and operate your campaign.

Thanks to our partnership with VISA & MasterCard, our system operates entirely in the cloud.

You receive each week a transparent performance report with full reconciliation details.

Are you ready for more revenue on auto-pilot?


Incremental revenue that respects your margins.

We work with several industries and we know that each of them operate with different realities and different objectives.

This is why we let you fix your own reward percentage on our platform. We keep a portion as revenue, and give the remaining portion to our users. It's always win-win.

And because you fix the rewards associated with your program, it always respects your margins.


Join the new marketing trend.

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