Earn more money with our ambassador program.

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What is our Ambassador Program?

It’s our affiliate program for Coinmiles lovers just like you—whether you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast, a foody, or just someone who wants to earn more money.

The Coinmiles Ambassador Program provides you with the opportunity to refer us Partners and be rewarded for it. You can earn up to 10% of the revenue we make from any Partner you refer to us.

How does it work?


Apply to the program

To become an Ambassador, you must apply and be approved by Coinmiles.


Talk about us to a merchant you like

Your goal is to promote and highlight the benefits of joining Coinmiles as a Partner.


Earn commissions on qualified referrals

If the merchant joins Coinmiles as a Partner, you will make money everytime a Coinmiles user spends at this location*.

*Terms and Conditions Apply
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Earn more money with our Ambassador Program

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