Earn Bitcoin when you shop online

Coinmiles gives you up to 35% cashback in Bitcoin when you shop online or in-store.




Some people said that earning Bitcoin was hard.

We made sure to prove them wrong.

Over 200+ top brands available

Whether it’s to get the latest earbuds or to fashion up for your next date, there are over 200+ brands to choose from.

It takes just one click to get rewarded.


Get Rewarded. Everywhere.

Click, Shop & Earn

Click on a brand

You'll be redirected to that brand's website.


As usual.

Congrats! That's it!

You'll automatically receive Bitcoin cashback in your wallet.

Watch your wallet go up as you shop

Track your rewards

Whether you are an expert or a first-timer, watching your wallet grow after each purchase.

Follow the market

We display the current spot price of Bitcoin so you always know how much your rewards are worth.

Transfer or cash-out with Interac

Safely keep your Bitcoin in the app or transfer them out. If you choose to cash out with Interac, we will send you cold hard cash in your bank account.

Community Love

"Got around $10 back for one single purchase."

App Store Review

"Great concept. Easy way to get bitcoin."

App Store Review

"Woah! Just got free Bitcoin for an Xbox game"

Simon - Got rewarded at Microsoft

"I LOVE this. Makes each purchase so exciting."

Julia - Got rewarded at Joe Fresh

"I'm using it every week for my groceries."

David - Got rewarded at Walmart

"Way better than all these loyalty points programs!"

App Store Review

"Impressive. When are you guys launching in the US also?"

Karen - Got rewarded at Sephora

"If you have one app to download this year, make it this one."

App Store Review

"Got Bitcoin cashback to file my annual taxes lol!"

Phil - Got rewarded at H&R Block